What can you do?

Studio 300 has an extensive collection of computers, software, equipment, and staff  to help you tell your personal stories through creating and sharing your original media content.

Here’s a partial list of the kinds of projects you can do at Studio 300:





  • Draw traditional animation
  • Create stop motion
  • Create 3D animations
  • Work in Flash/HTML5


  • Make studio recordings (interviews, demonstrations, training, etc.)
  • Participate in a webinar or video conference
  • Make music videos and capture other performances
  • Edit and enhance video
  • Create visual effects
  • Make videos for business and non-profit (profiles, promotion, fundraising, etc.)
  • Make original documentary and narrative films
  • Transfer VHS to DVD


  • Write and design a book and e-book
  • Publish to the web


Whew! This list gives you a better idea about the Studio 300 possibilities. Don’t see something on this list? Use the comments below to ask your questions and we’ll answer them here.

Studio 300 opened in early Spring of 2013.

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