Photo memories

ScanPhotoShowing a slideshow of old photographs is a mainstay at weddings and memorials. It’s a heartwarming way to bring a couple’s separate lives together and to remember and celebrate a person’s life.

New photographs may already exist in a digital format, ready to be put together to tell the story. However, many of us have a stack of old photos and perhaps even negatives and slides instead. These need to be converted before making the finished slideshow. The process goes something like this:

  • A flatbed scanner connected to a computer is the simplest way to digitize your photos. It’s similar to using a copy machine. You place the photo face down on the glass and press a button. The scanner then converts your photo to a digital format. Some scanners even have adapters for digitizing negatives and slides, too.
  • Once in the computer, you can use photo editing software such as iPhoto or the flagship Adobe Photoshop to enhance and restore the images that you scan.
  • There are two options for building the slideshow.
    • Use presentation software such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote to assemble and present your pictures. You would need a computer to play this slideshow for other people.
    • Alternately, use a video editing program, such as Apple’s iMovie or Adobe’s Premiere Pro to create a more compelling sequence. With either of these programs, you can add transitions and animation – zooms and pans – to bring your pictures to life. This is often called the ‘Ken Burns Effect’ named for the prolific PBS documentarian (The Civil War, Baseball, and The National Parks) who popularized the technique (though he didn’t invent it).
  • Video editing programs also support including titles, narration, music, and more. The finished video can then be turned into a DVD and/or uploaded to the Web.

Studio 300 has dedicated equipment to help you scan your photos and craft them into a presentation that will wow your audience. We’ll even show you how to do it, too.

Studio 300 is scheduled to open in early spring of 2013.

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