What’s inside Studio 300?

imacIt’s still too soon to show photos of Studio 300, but you may be asking what exactly will be in the Fountaindale Public Library Lower Level?

Studio 300 will have:

  • Two video studios each with a green screen and lighting.
  • One shared video control room.
  • Three group collaboration rooms with computer connections and large monitors for sharing content.
  • Six audio and music studios.
  • 18 desktop iMac computers, some with dual screens (read USA Today’s recent review of the new iMacs).
  • A large collection of audio, video, and musical equipment for use in the space.
  • And more (keep watching this blog for further details).

Read this article for ideas about the kinds of projects you can make in Studio 300. And you’ll be able to see the space when it opens in the early spring of 2013.

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