Start small

kidpixHave you ever rummaged through a drawer or box and come across a photograph, ticket stub, or some other memento from your past? Doesn’t this trigger a flood of memories for you? Consider sharing this memory in the form of a digital story.

Digital storytelling means using various computer-based tools to present and enhance the stories of our lives. But where do you start? Try this: Choose a single image and see where it takes you.

“Memory is the space in which a thing happens for a second time.” – Paul Auster

Don’t go beyond that single image and the story that it represents. Focus on that one idea and prepare what author Paul Auster calls: “a dispatch from the front lines of personal experience.”

With the image and story in hand, begin to craft your digital version. The process goes like this: import the picture into the computer, read the story aloud and record it, combine the image and audio, and share the finished digital story with others.

Sidekick is a lovely example by Kayann Short that combines a single photograph with her heartwarming recollection of her relationship with her sister.


Studio 300 has the digital storytelling tools. But you need to supply the story.

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