5 minutes a day

Better Be Prompt!Want to work on your own media projects but don’t feel you have the time? Here’s a way to accomplish more with whatever time you do have available.

Jerry Cleaver, in his “Immediate Fiction” book, offered this simple, yet effective method for making time for writing. The process also works for other media projects (writing, music, video, photography, etc.) you may choose to pursue.

Set aside five minutes each and every day to work on a project for a month. Take no time off. Ever. For any reason. And don’t bank the minutes (skipping today and doing more tomorrow). Commit to five minutes every day for the full 30 days.

Now five minutes isn’t much time, but the two and a half hours you do accrue during that month can add up to some significant progress. Best of all, you make this pursuit a real, integral part of your daily, must-do routine.

After the first month, bump up the time to 10 minutes, then 15 the next month, on to 20, 30, then more. By slowly making time in your schedule for your important work, you establish a genuine groove that both satisfies your creative needs and increases your output substantially.