Green screen adventures

Sometimes a video story calls for visiting another location. But that may not always be a possibility because of time and budget.

There is a technique using a green screen* that can make it appear you are in a different place. This method, called chroma-key, is the mainstay of weather forecasters everywhere. Essentially, you replace the green background with another image or video and that makes it appear you are in front of a map or in an entirely different location.

The process goes something like this:

  • Videotape the person in front of a well-lit green background.Green
  • Import the video into your favorite editing program, such as Adobe Premiere.
  • You also need to have the background image or video you want to use in the computer, too.Sunset
  • Using the tools in the video editing program, you replace the green with the background and then it looks as if the person is no longer in the studio, but at another location entirely.Comp
  • Adding a suitable sound effect from the location can help complete the illusion.

Studio 300 has two video studios, each equipped with a green screen, and the video hardware and software you need to make this illusion work for your projects.

* Why green? Actually you can use any solid color for this technique. Without getting too technical, green is the best choice because it isn’t a flesh tone and today’s video technology is more sensitive to the color green and that makes it easier to replace it with something else.

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