Studio 300 layout

Studio 300 Plans

Click to see the Studio 300 layout.

Here’s another look at the Studio 300 space. These plans should give you a glimpse at the layout for the various production suites and the large central computer lab (where 18 iMacs will reside).

Click the picture to see a larger view of the plans. The six audio and music recording studios are on the left. There are three group collaboration rooms with computer connections and large monitors for sharing content along the bottom. The two video studios each with a green screen and lighting and their shared video control room are to the right. Also, notice the new Friends of the Library space adjacent to the video studios.

Studio 300 construction is well under way in the lower level of the library directly below the lobby. Watch this blog in the coming days to see some photographs to go along with these plans. Studio 300 is scheduled to open in the Spring 2013.

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