Grand Opening QnA

GrandOpeningDuring the Studio 300 Grand Opening Event, patrons had an opportunity to ask questions. Here are a few representative questions and our answers.

How do you put your face on objects, like Annoying Orange?
The orange and the actor’s face are videotaped separately. In post-production a program such as Adobe After Effects (software we have available in Studio 300) can be used to superimpose the actor’s face over the background orange video.

Does Studio 300 lend external drives that support CDs for PCs?
We do lend external hard disk drives that can support PCs. We do not have external optical drives for CDs to lend. However, we do have external optical drives (for CDs and DVDs) available for the iMacs in Studio 300.

Do we have to register to learn more about the workings and use of Studio 300?
Fountaindale Public Library cardholders can use the iMac computers in the lab for digital media projects right away. Just bring your physical card to the Studio 300 Services desk and we’ll get you started.

If you want to use the spaces and the equipment, you must attend an orientation. During the orientation you will learn all about Studio 300 procedures. Regular orientation classes begin in April. Check the library website for details. You can call the Studio to schedule an orientation, too.

Studio 300 staff is available to help you learn the tools, and there are programs available starting in April, too (again, check the website). We also have an extensive reference library and access to on-line video training via

Do you have scanners in the studio and how large an image can they scan?
We have document/photo scanners that can scan up to 11 x 17. We also have a slide/negative scanner, too. And though not strictly a scanner, we have tools for converting vinyl records and audio cassettes to digital formats and VHS to DVD.

Will AutoCAD for Mac be incorporated with Studio 300?
We do not have AutoCAD today, but we do have Google SketchUp. However, we do take patron recommendations seriously, so your request is duly noted.

What is the cost of a banner or poster?
The price depends on a number of factors: size, color (or B&W), and paper stock. A Studio Services staff person can help you determine the right mix for your budget. Just ask.

What days and times are classes being held?
There are a variety of programs about Studio 300 starting in April. They will be held at various times and days to fit different schedules. Check the website for specifics.

I want to record music, can I checkout a laptop and microphone and record in the same room?
We have a large collection of audio (and music) recording equipment that you can use in our dedicated audio recording rooms. You can record in the same room while you play or you could use a separate room to record while playing in another.

For more answers to typical questions, read our FAQ here.