Turn Back Time for Your Photos

DemoYoungerWeddingsmall One powerful tool in Studio 300 is photo restoration. You can repair your old photos by fixing small problems such as poor color, red eye, scratches, and tears. There are many different ways to fix your photos, and one of the easiest and most powerful to use is Adobe Photoshop CS6. To start this process, you will need to scan your photo on one of our scanners to create a digital copy. When scanning, set the resolution between 300 and 1200 dpi to give you more information and a higher quality image to work with and make editing easier. Just remember you will be working with a larger file. This means the file will take up more space on your flash drive or computer

There are some new and improved tools in Photoshop that make photo editing a breeze. One of the most useful is the spot healing brush–this is a content aware tool that can take out small scratches and spots quickly based on what colors and contrast are close to it. Other useful tools are adjustment layers, which make it easy to change colors, turn a photo black and white, and make the original colors brighter.

At Studio 300, we have the equipment and staff who can help you get started on preserving your memories.

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