Studio 300 Temporarily Closed

Studio 300 waterStudio 300 was under approximately 1 inch of water on Thursday, April 18. The water damage means there is a significant amount of repair work to be done. Our current estimate is that the Studio will be closed for several months. (Read the complete story here.)

Studio 300 is continuing to offer a variety of programs in different locations in the library and will be available to assist with your projects. You can currently find us in the lobby area, ready to answer your questions and register you for programs.

Please check our events calendar for information about the locations of Studio 300 programs. We are also looking to host many aspects of Studio 300 services in other areas of the library soon.  Please continue to check our website for more information.

Views of Studio 300 before the water damage:

 front2back back2front

3 thoughts on “Studio 300 Temporarily Closed

  1. To say that this is a tremendous disappointment and near-term loss to the community is an understatement. I hope that you’re able to find a way to move some of that equipment to a space to allow people to continue to leverage the software that’s on those computers, as well as to find some way to restore the checkout services or loan some equipment out during the time the studio is closed that otherwise might not have been let out. Not the super expensive stuff, but more of the handheld video cameras if it is possible.

  2. We do indeed have plans to continue to offer as many services as we can in the near future. Please watch this blog (and the main website) for the details in the coming days.

  3. Thanks, Jeff. I really wanted to launch into some projects with the audio editing and music libraries / creation. I hope to be in sometime this week and catch up.

    Geez, I take one silly little trip and come back and it’s all FedEx’d to h@ll in a handcart.

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