It’s that time again!

MoviesIt’s that special time of year again: the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the popcorn smells delicious. The summer blockbuster movie season officially kicked off with Iron Man 3 – full of action, drama, and amazing visual effects. As this year’s blockbuster hits keep coming it will be interesting to see which films push the boundaries and bring stunning new digital effects to audiences.

Iron Man 3 in particular featured a unique effect near the end of the film showing Guy Pearce’s character’s skeleton within his skin. Perhaps you can use Studio 300 resources to recreate it?  Or make your own blockbuster movie using the equipment, computers, software, and assistance that Studio 300 brings to Fountaindale Public Library patrons. We can’t wait to see what YOU create.

Meanwhile, the Studio 300 staff is eager to see what is coming to the screen this summer. And we hope you enjoy all the summer movies, too.