100% Photoshop 100% Fun

Space Scene

Created using only Photoshop tools. Click for a full-size view.

Fountaindale Public Library has plenty of great books that you can use to learn different creative techniques. And you can take what you learn and apply it using the tools in Studio 300. One interesting book it 100% Photoshop by Steve Caplin. The book teaches you how to use Adobe Photoshop (available in Studio 300) to create beautiful art pieces without using photos.

The author teaches you how to make a variety of textures using Photoshop filters and other tools. The tutorials in the book are easy to understand and follow. Examples include making an office hallway, a space scene (see the image to the left created by Anna), a drawer, and an attic. This book is a great way to learn how to digitally create using only Photoshop.