July Studio 300 Programs

DigitalTransfersSummer is in full swing at Studio 300.  Patrons continue to take advantage of all the creative technology we have available in the lab.  We’ve helped patrons build websites, make short videos, record music, and more.  Photo scanning and VHS to DVD conversion continue to be quite popular.  There are a lot of memories being preserved and shared thanks to Studio 3oo.

Interested in learning more about the technology available to you in Studio 300? Sign-up for one of our free July programs:


All patrons wanting to take full advantage of the equipment and spaces available in Studio 300 need to attend our orientation session for an overview of Studio 300 procedures.  Limit 10 per class.

  • Mondays and Saturdays 10:30am-11:00am
  • Wednesdays 6:00pm-6:30pm
  • Fridays 4:30pm-5:00pm

Digital Archiving

VHS to DVD: convert and share old videos in digital formats.  Limit 6 per class

  • Thursday 7/11 at 2:00pm

LP/Cassette to CD/MP3: Transfer your old recording to new formats.  Limit 6 per class

  • Thursday 7/25 at 2:00pm

Photo/Slide Scanning: Copy existing prints, negatives and slides to digital formats.  Limit 6 per class

  • Thursday 7/9 at 7:00pm

Voice-overs and podcasts

Learn to record and edit spoken word audio projects in this hands-on workshop.  Limit 6 per class.

  • Thursday 7/25 at 7:00pm

Basic Photo Restoration

Learn how Photoshop helps eliminate scratches, dirt and general image problems along with its other repair tricks in this hands-on session.  Limit 6 per class.

  • Wednesday 7/24 at 1:00pm

Video Editing Made Easy

Discover how to arrange videos, add pictures, titles and music then share your project online in this hands-on iMovie session.   Limit 6 per class.

  • Wednesday 7/24 at 1:00pm

Discover Studio 300 Macs and Software

Learn about our Mac computers and what you can create with all the software available in Studio 300.  Limit 6 per class.

  • Monday 7/1 at 3:00pm
  • Wednesday 7/10 at 7:00pm
  • Monday 7/15 at 3:00pm
  • Wednesday 7/24 at 7:00pm
  • Monday 7/29 at 3:00pm

Planning & Producing a mini-documentary

Need to share a story about a person, event, cause or other aspect from your life? Learn the basic steps needed to produce a short video.  Limit 8 per class.

  • Tuesday 7/16 at 7:00pm

Take Better Vacation Photos and Videos

Follow these photography tips to better document your journey.  Limit 10 per class.

  • Tuesday 7/2 at 7:00pm

Making Music in Studio 300

This hands-on session uses Garageband and Studio 300’s instruments, microphones and recording equipment to help you create your own music.  Limit 6 per class.

  • Monday 7/8 at 7:00pm

Build your Vacation Photo Scrapbook

What to do with all those pictures and souvenirs?  Craft a digital scrapbook and share it with friends and family.  Limit 5 per class.

  • Friday 7/12 at 11:00am

Remember you can sign-up for any program up to 21 days in advance.