img_screenflowYou may have watched a video tutorial, such as those on, or other software and computer related training seminars.  How do you capture what’s on the screen and share it with others? Here at Studio 300 you can use software called Screenflow to make a screencast. The program captures whatever is on your screen and is ideal for many training and product/service promotional situations. You can even add webcam footage to the screencast, too.

Some people even use the screencast software to show video game play. Now you know how all those Minecraft YouTube videos are made. If you need to share a screen with other people, visit Studio 300 and learn about Screenflow.

2 thoughts on “Screencasts

  1. With the downstairs studios being out of commission, if someone wants to lay down audio to go with the screencast (either during or after recording), what options are available?

  2. We have some headset microphones that would help isolate the speaker from surrounding noise. The temporary space tends to be quieter in the early mornings when we first open which may make recording audio easier. We also have microphones and other audio gear that could be checked out for use at home.

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