Beyond video with the GoPro

ImageThe GoPro is a great video camera for catching all the action of extreme sports.  But did you know that the GoPro takes great still shots too?

The little camera can do 11 megapixel images using its unique 170 degree field of view (no point-and-shoot camera can match that wide angle perspective.) Click the picture below to see this in action.


Fountaindale Library using GoPro camera in still camera mode

There is also a burst mode that can take 10 still pictures a second to capture fast moving action.


GoPro on the Beach

But wait, there’s more!  In time-lapse mode, the GoPro will take a still picture every 0.5  to 60 seconds, turning hours into seconds when viewed as a video.

Interested in learning more about the GoPro? Stop into Studio 300 and we’ll show you. Or consider taking one of our upcoming classes about this unique camera.