Improve your songwriting skills

scoreHere are some tips to help you produce your best music and steadily improve your talents:

  1. Compose something every day. This doesn’t need to be extravagant or even complete, rather just put your first thoughts down on paper, disc, computer, etc. Make composing part of your daily routine. Not everything you do will be “good”, but the exercise will yield some bits and pieces that you can later turn into something special.
  2. Listen to music every day. Take that oh-so-important music bath every single day. Don’t just play it in the background, though. Take time from each day to really sit down and LISTEN to the music. Study carefully and then apply what you learn to your own work.
  3. Imitate other composers by writing in their style. Copying is critical to improving your composition skills. Pick artists you admire and compose in their style. To imitate without directly copying is harder than it sounds. Yet, this assignment tells you much about music, how other composers think, and what this means to you.
  4. Try other styles and forms of composition that you usually ignore. Choose a simple tune like Row Row Row Your Boat and try to write multiple versions in various styles like rock, hip hop, jazz, orchestral, etc. Without having to worry about the melody, you are free to experiment with structure, chords, counter melodies, and so forth. Just because you don’t like or aren’t comfortable in a particular musical genre doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a whirl. Creativity means looking outside the boundaries. Leaving your comfort zone is the doorway to your best work.
  5. Play your pieces for friends and associates and ask for criticism. Find someone whose opinion you trust and play your music all the way through and then ask open-ended, leading questions. Once you get opinions and advice, go back to the drawing board and put all you’ve learned to work and repeat the process again.
  6. Produce your music and send it into the market. Once you’ve been following the above steps diligently, you will be ready to put together tracks and start marketing your music. This is the real test of your skills. Don’t fret rejection, use it to your advantage and make your work stronger.
  7. Evaluate your past work. Don’t let your old music fade away. Dust it off and give it a critical listen. Once you’ve let music sit for some time, the warts really stick out. Use this distance from your work to improve your past, present, and future music.

Follow this process and it can help you grow as an musical artist.

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