Popcorn Diaries Episode 007

007 Popcorn Diaries kicks off the new year with Bond, James Bond. We are dividing this episode 007 into four categories so we can cover as much as possible of this fifty year franchise. Stop in at Studio 300 and have a look a our “Bond wall” displaying many images from the franchise. Join in the discussion; we’d love to hear from you.

Our focus on Bond continues all month with a special guest for part 4. Stay tuned and enjoy!

One thought on “Popcorn Diaries Episode 007

  1. George Lazenby is sometimes referred to as the “Forgotten James Bond”. But he will never been forgotten by me. When I was “Bunny Deana” at the London Playboy Club, more than 40 years ago now, I was privileged to have been crowned Playboy Bunny of The Year by George, and I shall treasure the memory forever. The very precious (to me at least) photo of George performing the crowning – in his immaculate Bond-style suit – is a proud part of my personal Bunny Deana Photo Album online.

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