External Flash for DSLR

ImageHave you ever taken disappointing flash pictures with your DSLR?  Chances are it’s the internal flash that is causing the problem.  While the internal flash can do a good job, it does have limitations.  If you want to take your flash photography to the next level, try using an external flash.

External flashes simply mount on top of the camera.  They can be set to fully automatic or manual mode.  Like your DSLR, when set to manual, you can control all its settings to achieve some amazing results.

Studio 300 has the Canon Speedflash 430EX II which can be used on the Canon Ti series cameras.  (We also have a T4i camera). Stop by Studio 300 and we’ll show you how easy it is to use.  Check out the pictures below.  Notice the difference in color and shadowing in these raw, untouched examples.


Internal Flash


External Flash