Wonderful Font Resources

dafontOne distinctive and yet often overlooked way to transform, update, and change the look, feel, and mood of a project is the font you select. Media creation software usually includes dozens of classic and popular typefaces. But when ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Garamond’ just won’t do, turn to these resources for finding, building, downloading, and then using new and exciting fonts.

  • Dafont.com is a user submission-based font resource with thousands of free fonts ready to download at the click of a mouse. Its friendly design lets you instantly dive into the seemingly endless sea of fonts. They have themed categories to narrow down your search and a ‘New Fonts’ area that lets you see the latest submissions.   You can even submit and preview your own custom text in each font which is a good way to help you select the perfect font for your project. Each font has its own usage permissions, set by the owner/submitter, so take note of any restriction as you download and use them.
  • 1001freefonts works similarly, but gives you a different selection of fonts along with the ability to ‘pin’ your favorites. This lets you browse for hours (don’t say we didn’t warn you!), choose the ones you like, and recall all the pinned fonts when you’re finished.
  • Know the look of the font you need, but can’t remember its name? Or maybe you have a small sampling, but still are unsure? Identifont has a database of popularly used and recognized fonts and some more obscure choices. Search by name, by looking at similar fonts, by publisher or designer, or use their unique quiz method to narrow your choices.
  • Whatthefont is ideal for times when you have a graphic sampling (jpeg, gif, png, etc.) but can’t identify the font. This often happens with logos. Its easy upload process scans, separates letters/symbols, and finds the font that fits closest to your submission.  whatthefontTheir database will find the best match and will give you a list of alternatives and links to where you can purchase and/or download each typeface or font family.  Of course there are some restrictions to the file you choose to upload, however Whatthefont is surprisingly accurate.