Helpful app for photographers

ImageA light meter is an important photographer’s tool. These devices range from very basic and inexpensive to expensive multipurpose models. If you have an Android phone, check out the free beeCam light meter app on the Google play store. This app uses your phone’s front lens to take a light reading. You can can set the aperture, ISO, or shutter speed and see the results based on the reading. It is easy and simple to use and the results are easily understood.

At Studio 300, we also have the Sekonic Pro L-478D hardware light meter. In a head-to-head competition, nine times out of ten the beeCam light readings were identical to the Sekonic ones. The only incorrect reading was within a half step in aperture. These were surprising results from a handy little app. Granted the Sekonic light meter has many more features that make it worth its retail tag, but the beeCam light meter app is a great alternative for simple light readings.

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