Make your own movie trailer

PrevWhen you visit a movie theater, there are always previews (aka trailers) for upcoming movie releases. Have you ever thought of making your own movie trailer? It’s a creative and fun way to present a vacation, birthday, or other family event. A business could use the trailer format to promote a product or service. Of course, you can make a trailer for fun, too. Imagine the possibilities.

The iMovie video editing software includes an easy-to-use trailer function. Login to a Studio 300 iMac, drop in your own video, change some titles, and in a few minutes you have a finished, professional movie trailer.

Recently, Studio 300 made trailers for upcoming Fountaindale Public Library programs. We compiled these into a sequence to show at the movie night following our annual Ice Cream Social. You can watch all the trailers we made by visiting our YouTube channel. Below is the trailer we did to promote Studio 300:



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