Editing Tips for Writers

Writers the world over nod when hearing what Hemingway said: “The only kind of writing is rewriting.” Rare is the first draft of anything ready to unleash on the public. Writers continue to rely on skilled, professional editors to catch mistakes and add that final sheen to a manuscript. And while self-editing your work will never replace working with an actual editor, there are basic steps to take that will lead to stronger drafts. Also, technology can assist via editing software that helps tweak your writing.

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Also, Studio 300 provides free access to the premium ProWritingAid app. This cloud-based software makes numerous suggestions, catches errors, offers grammar tips, and magnifies common problems–many of the areas a real-life editor would address. To use the full version, stop by Studio 300 and we’ll log you in. Then, paste in your text and run the ProWritingAid reports to start making a real difference in your writing.