Studio 300 FAQ

Quick answers to the most asked questions …

Q: Do you charge to use the computers, equipment, or spaces?

A: Fountaindale Library Cardholders (and Access Cardholders) get free access to the computers, equipment, and spaces available in Studio 300. Non-district Users also get free, but limited access (see our Policy for details). Printing and maker functions (3-D printing/carving, embroidery, and vinyl cutting) are the only items we charge for in Studio 300. Also, there are some related items available for purchase, such as USB flash drives, and blank CDs/DVDs.

Q: Can I reserve a computer?

A: We do not reserve desktop computers. The machines in the lab are available on a first come, first-served basis. Here is the software available to use.

Q: Can I reserve a video studio, audio suite, or group collaboration suite?

A: We accept (and encourage) reservations for these suites up to 90 days in advance, 8 hours per patron, per 30 days.

Q: Can I bring my own laptop computer into the lab to work on my digital media project?

A: We have space for patrons who choose to work on their own computers. You can also check-out other equipment to use with your laptop, such as when you need to import video into your computer. We can’t guarantee that your laptop will be compatible with the equipment in our collection.

Q: Can I plug in my own portable devices into the computers?

A: You are welcome to connect your own mp3 player, earphones, flash/thumb drive, external hard drive, or graphics tablet to our computers. Please ask us about other devices. We can’t guarantee that your device will be compatible with our computers and equipment.

Q: How do I know which software suites you have?

A: We have an extensive collection of digital media creation software tools available on the iMacs from industry leaders such as Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft.

Q: Can I install a piece of software on the Macs?

A: If there is software you would like to use, please let us know your suggestions for additions to Studio 300.

Q: Will you teach me how to use a particular piece of hardware and software?

A: Studio 300 is aimed at helping people accomplish specific media creation tasks. We can help you learn how to use specific pieces of software and equipment in our collection to accomplish those tasks. We do offer introductory workshops which will give you a head start. And you can schedule one-on-one and small group training with the staff as well. You can also avail yourself of our comprehensive online training, eBook, and book resources, too.

Q: Will you do my project for me?

A: Studio 300 is a do-it-yourself (DIY) lab. We will show you how to get your project started and teach you to use any necessary hardware and software along the way.

Q: My computer is broken. Will you fix it?

A: We cannot fix your computer for you. We will help you with basic troubleshooting and also show you how to use the software on your machine, but only if it’s something with which we are familiar.

Q: Do you have scanners for photos, slides, and negatives?

A: There are high-resolution flatbed scanners that can accommodate existing photographs (and other documents) including  slides and negatives, 35mm and smaller.

Q: What audio/video formats can I use in Studio 300?

A: We can typically import audio and video to our computers from the following sources:

  • VHS and VHS-C (NTSC only)
  • DVD (non-commercial)
  • Mini-DV
  • 8mm/Hi-8 video
  • 8mm / Super-8 film
  • Video CD (VCD)
  • Audio CD
  • Audio Cassette
  • Vinyl records (33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpms)
  • Existing video files (avc, mp4, mpg, mpeg, avi, mov)
  • Existing audio files (mp3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis)

We do NOT have equipment in Studio 300 to import:

  • 16mm film
  • 8-Track tapes
  • Full-sized DVCam tapes
  • HDV video
  • Betamax video
  • DVCPro
  • Flash videos like those from YouTube, Google Video, etc.

NOTE: If you bring your own video camera or video player that has S-Video or RCA outputs, we can usually connect to our equipment and computers to allow you to import your video to edit. If you do not see a format specifically mentioned above, please ask us.


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