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We’ve recently updated the main Fountaindale website with a new webpage focused on our Maker Lab inside Studio 300 and related activities. Check it out here. Get information about our machines, upcoming STEAM and Maker events, resources, and even show off what you made. Our new Maker Lab page is ready for you right now.



Practical Tech with Tony – Episode 16 – A Cornucopia of Topics

I regret to inform you, dear reader, that this is the final Practical Tech with Tony podcast. Why? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out!

So, for this final Practical Tech with Tony podcast, I thought Jeffrey and I would touch on a number of topics that we have covered in previous podcasts. Here are links to items discussed in this podcast:

Internet of Things Defined

Ring Video Doorbell – the one my wife and I got is the $199 one. We also subscribe to the cloud video storage for $3/month or $30/year. The reason we got this particular unit is that it runs on an internal, rechargeable battery. Other units from other companies we looked at required being hardwired into the home’s existing doorbell system, which we could not do as the previous owners of our home had cut the wiring off for the doorbell that had been part of the home when it was built. Ring is also compatible, or is working on becoming compatible, with a host of other home automation systems.

Tech Support Scam Companies Taken Down

iPhone Rumors

Pokemon Go!

Two guys walk off a cliff playing Pokemon Go

Chromebooks – link takes you to the page of the particular model the library is using.

Practical Tech with Tony – 015 – Technology & the Law

Just want to reiterate that neither Jeffrey or I are lawyers, so take whatever we say as opinion and not as pure fact, although we try very hard to get our facts right.

As technology makes it way further and further into our society, into our work, our schools, our homes, we need to stay on top of how things are playing out in the legal sphere. The law tends to be very reactive and not very proactive. Technology is developing faster than the law can keep up.

No list of links directly related to this topic for this podcast, but if you are Twitter user, I’m going to give you the handles of some technology feeds that I pay close attention to. They all have corresponding websites, but the Twitter feeds are the best for monitoring breaking news.

ArsTechnica – @arstechnica
TechCruch – @techcrunch
Reddit Tech – @reddit_tech
Engadget – @engadget
Gizmodo – @Gizmodo
Wired – @WIRED
Internet of Shit – @internetofshit – This is a great one to watch for the outrageous items being connected to the Internet. He also focuses on how things go so terribly wrong. “Why did they connect THIS to the Internet?” is another ongoing theme. Recently he’s had a series of tweets about having to update light bulbs with new firmware/software and an Internet-connected winebottle.


Practical Tech with Tony – 014

This month’s podcast is all about the Consumer Electronics Show.

The list o’links discussed in this podcast: