Maker Faire Highlights

On Saturday, March 11, Fountaindale hosted our first Maker Faire. The event had huge support from our community and featured a bevy of activities including Spaghetti Bridge Building. Check out the highlight video below. And head to our Flickr page for even more pictures.

New printing options

Have specialty printing needs? Studio 300 can help.

We lowered our printing prices and added new capabilities. You can print on sizes larger than the typical 8 ½ by 11 paper and even print on glossy photo paper and cardstock. Our poster printer can handle very large sizes – 36” x 48” and beyond. Also, you can now print on canvas which is ideal for portraits and art prints.copperflex

Our 3D printer has many color options including two new choices: a flexible red and metallic copper that you must see to believe.

Click here for the complete list of printing options and prices.

3D Printed Guitar Stand

The 3D printer in Studio 300 has seen a lot of action in the past 2 1/2 years.


MakerBot 3D Printer

We have printed some pretty cool stuff for our patrons. Occasionally, a patron asks for something unique and the results can be amazing. That’s the case with this guitar stand pictured..

guitar stand 1      giutar stand 2

Designed completely from scratch, we printed 3 pieces at an 80% fill (almost solid plastic) and our patron then painted the finished items black.  When combined with several other pieces, the stand is complete.

guitar stand 3 fixed

Completed Guitar Stand

Printing useful objects is what 3D printing is all about.  The Studio 300 3D printer offers almost endless possibilities in the 3D world.  If you’re new to 3D printing, check out the Makerbot or stop by Studio 300 for a first hand look at this exciting technology!

New Flexible 3D Prints

output_JGy8AkWe are excited to announce the addition of new, flexible plastic for our 3D printer. Instead of the hard plastic models, you now have the option to print  rubber-like models as the image shows. Right now we only have the color red, but we plan to add more colors in the future. The flexible plastic costs slightly higher at $0.20 per gram.

Stop by Studio 300 to see (and squeeze) the new choice and consider using it on your next 3D print project.

GoPro in Space

Check out this cool video of a GoPro. In a water bubble.  In space.

NASA astronauts Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman and European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst used a GoPro camera while on the International Space Station. What makes this exception is that they submerged the camera in a ball of water. The video shows the results below:

Don’t forget you can check out the GoPro from Studio 300! And it’s O.K if you take it into space, but the checkout period is only 3-days so it’ll have to be a short flight.

3D Printed … Houses?

Adipose, house, and a leaf textured cup created on Studio 300's 3D printer.

Adipose, house, and a leaf textured cup created on Studio 300’s 3D printer.

3D printing continues to be a popular phenomenon This technology has changed from large industrial companies using it for their products to at-home hobbyists 3D printing fun characters, small models, and even reusable cups. No longer do we have to wait for things to be available in stores. You can 3D print at home and start using it right away.

And now you can even 3D print a full-sized home!

A large 3D printer is laying down cement for creating the framing of the house. This is similar to smaller 3D printers that use plastic filament to create objects.

A large 3D printer is laying down cement for creating the framing of the house. This is similar to smaller 3D printers that use plastic filament to create objects.

WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. have 3D printed homes in under a day! By using recycled material (industrial/construction wastes) instead of plastic filament, WinSun are able to make several small homes (Length: 150 m x Width: 10 m x Height: 6.6 m) in Shanghai, China. This is just the beginning for WinSun according to Ma YiHe, CEO of WinSun. His plans for the future is to use recycling companies in China as their main resource for 3D printing homes. YiHe feels that this will provide an inexpensive and comfortable living style.

No matter how you look at it, the future is here and changing lives for the better.



Maker-Breaker Bot

DSC00264 During the holiday season, it is a time for selflessness and caring. A time for being thankful for what we have in our lives. One thing that Studio 300 is thankful for is when our 3D printer works. Although you may see several fun and interesting items made from the 3D printer in Studio 300, what you don’t hear is the back story about the making of these unique plastic creations.

Sometimes the printing doesn’t go quite as planned:


From clogged extruders, tangled plastic, failed designs, and general havoc – the MakerBot 3D printer can be a stubborn machine. Our solution? Patience and occasionally leaving it some flowers and chocolates while whispering soothing words of encouragement (just kidding).  But when it all goes well, the results are often amazing.

Want to learn more about 3D printing? Check out this new book and plan to attend one of our classes.

Meanwhile, here is a time lapse video of our Makerbot in action videotaped by one of our patrons this past summer.

3D-Printed Rubiks Cube

rubiks cubeJust in case you didn’t feel the 3D printer was cool enough, here’s a 3D-printed Rubiks Cube used to control lights on a building.

Sound complicated? It’s not really. All you need are some electronic components such as a Bluetooth modem, an Arduino,  and some sensors, plus 3D-printed colorless pieces made into a Rubiks Cube all connected to some computer software. (O.K. it’s a little complicated). With all this in place, you’re ready to solve the biggest Rubiks Cube ever!  (Oh yeah, you also need a large building with a lot ( a LOT) of LED lights.

Read about “This Puzzle Facade” by Javier Lloret located in the city of Linz, Austria here. Watch the video below:

Knowing how to make the 3D-printed pieces is a great place to start when contemplating a project this large.  Here at Studio 300 we can show you how to get started.  Check out our program calendar for our 3D Design and Print class that shows how to use Google SketchUp to design your own 3D model.

3D print alternate materials

mb3dDo you have great 3D design ideas but don’t have the resources to print them? Here at Studio 300 we can help you design those ideas using software such as SketchUp and Blender and then print it with our Makerbot Printer.  We use a plastic filament that’s great for many designs and prototypes.

However, if you’re looking for something to last a long time or be able to eat or drink from, Shapeways is a great site to check out. They offer stainless steel and gold plated brass that’s perfect for jewelry, sandstone that can produce photo-realistic color designs and food safe glazed ceramic. Pricing differs depending on what material and size you choose plus shipping and handling. We recommend you print a plastic prototype here at Studio 300 to test your design before you choose a more expensive material.

Here are a few other articles about 3D printing: