Animation Bootcamp 2018

At this year’s program, our Fountaindale Public Library patrons experimented with two different animation styles: cutout stop-motion and computer-based animation. Here are their completed animations made during the November 2018 Animation Bootcamp program in Studio 300.

Frame-by-Frame Fun

Enjoy the work made by our patrons at two Studio 300 hosted animation programs.

Animation Bootcamp

These are the finished stop motion and computer-based (Stykz) animations made by Fountaindale Public Library patrons during the November 2017 Animation Bootcamp program in Studio 300.

Lego Stop Motion

These are finished works from Fountaindale Public Library’s Lego Stop Motion Animation program made by our Tween patrons in November 2017.


Studio 300 in your Pocket

S300pocketTurn your Android smartphone or tablet into a mini-Studio 300 with a few well-chosen apps. This Summer Studio 300 offers three chances to learn about free (and inexpensive) apps that complement Studio 300 resources. The free class shares tips on the best photography, video, music, library, organizational and productivity tools, and more. So even when Studio 300 is closed, you can feed your creativity using these tools on your Android smartphone (or tablet). Later, you can finish what you started using Studio 300.

Sign-up for these upcoming dates:

This class is part of our new Appy Hour series of programs. Check out the other entries by clicking here.


A Man Who Ate Too Much with a Caterpillar

Animation is a filmmaking style that allows people of all ages to create whatever they can imagine. In the recent Stop Motion Animation program held at Studio 300, two patrons created their own fun videos using iStopmotion software, some paper, and their imaginations. Enjoy these two short animated films: “Exploding Man Eating Pizza” and “Caterpillar.”


After Effects in Studio 300

If you’ve been to the movies or watched TV or saw a television commercial, you’ve probably seen Adobe After Effects in action. It is the go-to tool for video special effects. It is feature-rich software that can help you create many unique looks for your videos.

There are several ways you can learn After Effects including books,, and by taking our After Effects program (new class starts January 8, 2015 — sign up here).

Here is one example of After Effects in action, created by Studio 300’s Alex.

And this example, to help promote our Passport to Success program, was created by Studio 300’s Adriana.

If you are interested in learning more about this versatile software, ask us for more information.

Animation by Teens

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 6.01.29 PMThis time around it was our Teen patrons taking advantage of the Studio 300 Summer Animation Camp. Patrons in grades 7-12 learned about the animation art form and made several animated projects during the week-long camp. They experimented with different styles including pixilation, stop motion, and computer-based animation. Below are the results of their highly creative work: