ALM iPhone Lens Kit

IMG_0819 fixedIf you’re looking to improve pictures and video taken with your iPhone, Studio 300 has the ALM Wide Angle / Macro lens kit for both the iPhone 4 & 5.  This kit is very simple to use.  Just pop your iPhone into the lens body, attach either the  wide angle or macro lens, and shoot.

IMG_0818fixedThe wide angle lens produces a picture about 30% wider than normal and the macro lens allow you get within an inch of the lens for super close-ups.  Also included in the kit is an external mic which works great for interviews.

Stop by Studio 300 and we will show you how easy it is to use.  Check out the videos below to see both lenses in action.

iPhone with Wide Angle Lens:

iPhone Macro Lens:

Mac vs. PC

appleStudio 300 has 18 27-inch iMac computers eight of which have dual monitors.  Macs may seem like the opposite of PCs but there are only minor differences between Macs and PCs.  Let’s compare Mac OS X which is what we have in Studio 300 with computers running Windows.  Although PCs can mean any personal computer, in this instance we’re going to be using the term PC to  mean Windows.

There is no way of really knowing how many people are using Windows operating system over a Macs due to the availability of running Windows on a Mac computer and the growing popularity in Hackintosh which lets you download Mac software on your PC. That said the sales of Windows is still way above the sales of Macs at 78% according to data from Asymco making security attacks and viruses more prone on a PC.

If you play online video games, you’ll know that on Steam there are a lot more games for PC (at over 1,300 games) while there are only about 200 for a Mac.

The most obvious difference between a Mac and a PC is the price.  Where most Mac computers are over $1,000 you can get a PC for under that much.  The reasoning behind the price for Macs are due to the high gross profit margin, the quality in parts, and that everything is custom made making for a more effective customer support system.  When a problem does arise, only having to go to one Genius Bar and getting face-to-face assistance as opposed to possibly calling multiple oversees companies just to figure out the underlying problem is a big reason for customer satisfaction.  But there are smaller differences that can also enhance your experience.

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 4.56.17 PM

On Macs there is a dock that holds your favorite apps.  If you minimize a screen, it goes to the dock and if there are other apps open, a small light is displayed underneath that app on the dock.  You can decide how many and what app icons go on your dock and you can have it disappear for a larger viewing experience.

The keyboard is a little different on a Mac too.  The most common keyboard shortcuts on a PC use Ctrl plus another key but on a Mac the command key is used instead of the control key.  The PrintScrn key is non-existent on a Mac keyboard.  That shortcut is shift+command+4 which then changes the cursor to a cross-hair.  You can then click and drag anywhere on the screen to take a screen shot.  There are other keyboard and folder navigating differences that we can show you in Studio 300.

The software iMovie, Garageband, iPhoto and Photobooth are other great aspects of the iMacs in Studio 300 that you may not necessarily find on a PC .

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use a Mac or any of the software listed above, sign up for a class in Studio 300.

iPhone GorillaPod

gorillapod iphoneHaving trouble holding your iPhone?  The GorillaPod for iPhone is the answer.  This unique “tripod” allows you to mount your iPhone just about anywhere.  It’s three legs flex, wrap and grip to just about anything.  It’s really easy to use and will make the world of difference for your pictures or video.  Come to Studio 300 and check it out!

Updating your computers

applesoftwareupdateUpdating your computer’s operating system (OS) is one way to protect your investment. Not only does it help protect your computer from security threats but updating also helps with program incompatibilities and fixing any discovered errors. Setting a reminder to check for updates is a good idea. You can also use your computer’s built-in settings to check automatically. Microsoft uses Windows Update and Apple uses Apple Software Update for periodic downloads of updates.

If you have Apple software on your Windows computer, Apple has Software Update for Windows (but only if you have either iTunes for Windows, QuickTime for Windows, or Safari for Windows already installed).

Additionally, you may need to update your other software periodically. This is generally not part of any OS update, so you may need to do that manually.

Make updating your computer a regular part of your maintenance routine for a more trouble-free operation.