Best Android Media Apps for Studio 300

s300appThere are so many apps out there that it can be difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. Studio 300 staff did the dirty work for you and found some good, okay and awesome Android apps to help with your digital media projects. These apps complement Studio 300.

This first part in our multi-part series is all about the social media apps that can be very helpful to you when you wish to share your digital media projects, such as WordPress, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

Also, the Fountaindale Public Library has some great apps that are worth mentioning. Our favorite are the main FPLD app, Overdrive, Zinio and CardStar. Find all of these free options at your favorite Android store.

Stay tuned for others parts in the series and discover the best Studio 300 related video, music, and photography apps.

Studio 300 in your Pocket

S300pocketTurn your Android smartphone or tablet into a mini-Studio 300 with a few well-chosen apps. This Summer Studio 300 offers three chances to learn about free (and inexpensive) apps that complement Studio 300 resources. The free class shares tips on the best photography, video, music, library, organizational and productivity tools, and more. So even when Studio 300 is closed, you can feed your creativity using these tools on your Android smartphone (or tablet). Later, you can finish what you started using Studio 300.

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This class is part of our new Appy Hour series of programs. Check out the other entries by clicking here.