300 in 300 – 001

Join us for the first episode of our new podcast: 300 Seconds in Studio 300. In under 5 minutes, Jeffrey and Ryan discuss what’s new in Studio 300. They talk about software updates, new software additions, and new hardware arriving soon for our patrons to use. Got five minutes? Give this podcast a listen and discover all that’s happening at Studio 300.

Gift making in Studio 300

christmas-tree-1_green-021114-ykwv1Surprise your family and friends with one-of-a-kind gifts that you create in Studio 300. Here are some ideas:

  • Retouch an old family photo and share digital files or print on photo paper using our high-quality printer (you can even make a poster!)
  • Take a family portrait.
  • Find a pre-built model on Thingiverse and print it using our 3D printer (or create your own unique design and print that).
  • Record your family singing holiday songs or just a special message and then make a CD.
  • Convert that old VHS tape to DVD and share copies with others.
  • And more.

These all make heartfelt gifts and are easy and inexpensive. For more ideas and to get started on your project, stop by Studio 300 today.

Software updates soon

smallmacAll of the Studio 300 iMac desktop and MacBook Pro laptop computers will soon see major updates to our most popular software programs. There will also be some new additions to expand the creative potential of our patrons (some based on your recommendations).

Updates include:

  • The Mac OS
  • The latest Adobe CC updates (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and many more)
  • iLife and iWork updates (iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, etc.)
  • Logic Pro X (the latest audio/music workstation from Apple)
  • Comic Life 3 (this fun program gets even more powerful features)

New software includes:

We’re happy to show you these exciting changes as they become available in the next few weeks.

Popcorn Diaries Episode 015

In this episode Joe & Adriana discuss the less appealing movie selections out on the market. Whether its your guilty pleasure, or so bad it might be good, to the sheer awful movies today we discuss and tell you about our guilty pleasure movies. As always if you would like to continue the discussion further, or have suggestions for upcoming shows please comment below.

Tell us, what is your guilty pleasure movie?

Ever wonder what its like behind the scenes of Popcorn diaries well here’s a small peek at what it takes to record!



We use Reaper software to record.

We use Reaper software to record.

Joe getting ready to record.

Joe getting ready to record.

New Gear! Universal Audio LA-610

analog_la610mk2Studio 300 recently beefed up our audio arsenal with the addition of the Universal Audio LA-610 MkII tube recording channel. This vintage-style tube preamp and opto-compressor channel strip opens up a whole new word of recording options.

From the Universal Audio website:

The LA-610 MkII combines an all-tube, vintage mic preamp design — heard on classic albums ranging from The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds to Van Halen I — with authentic Teletronix T4 opto-compression circuitry. This classic channel strip design, with its warm preamp tone and smooth, natural-sounding compression, is updated with modern, user-requested features like true compressor bypass, larger metering, increased output, and an auto-switching power supply.

The LA-610 MkII is based on the legendary console modules developed by Bill Putnam in the 1960’s and recreates that musical character and warmth. The unit boasts much lower noise specs versus vintage models. Elegant and highly popular “Black on Black” cosmetics complete the package. The LA-610 MkII offers tone, quality and character at an accessible price. In use you get tremendous sonic versatility and is an ideal approach to working with today’s modern recording software.

Keep an eye on our program calendar for upcoming training classes (vocal recordingguitar/bass recording) dedicated to using this wonderful new gear!

BCT-Studio 300 Open House

Join us on Sunday, May 4 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. for a joint Open House with BolingbPrintrook Community Television (BCT) and Studio 300. Stop by the BCT studios in the lower level of the Village Hall and also visit us in Studio 300. Discover how you can use both resources to make your own TV program or movie and get it on the air.

Free music mixing help

mixing-with-izotope-coverReady to take your music to the next level and give it a professional sheen? Check out the new, free guide on Mixing with iZotope. This guide breaks down the art, aesthetics, and theory behind the audio mixing process. It uses simple explanations and visualizations to help illustrate how audio tools such as equalizers, compressors, and other audio effects will transform your mix. Though the guide features iZotope products, you can easily apply the ideas presented to your music – no matter what software you use.

Download your copy by following this link (in PDF format).

Podcasts by Teens

The Teen Media Club continued their look at audio during their meeting last month. This time around they took on the challenge of producing two podcasts. The Teens came up with the ideas and put together the episodes with a little help from Studio 300 staff. Have a listen below:

The Teen Media Club meets the third Monday of every month. Sign up here.

Voice-Over Career Tips

HarlanHogan Odds are you already know Harlan Hogan’s voice. His award-winning commercial voice-overs include classic and contemporary ad slogans from “Kills bugs fast, Kills bugs dead,” “Hallmark, when you care enough to send the very best” to Life Cereal’s classic “It’s the cereal even Mikey likes” and “This program is made possible by PBS viewers like you. Thank you.” He’s even voiced for the Ford F-150L “How’s that for – trendy?”

Also, video gamers will recognize him as the voice of Thrall in the Warcraft series. Harlan is equally at home voicing documentaries, corporate presentations, and E-learning projects. Abbott Labs, Grainger, Molex, Bayer, and American InterContinental University Online are just a few of his regular clients.

Harlan shares his knowledge about the highly-competitive voice-over industry in a free program on Thursday, February 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fountaindale Public Library. Register today!

He’s the author of VO: Tales & Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor (second edition coming this summer). He also co-wrote two editions of The Voice Actors Guide to Recording at Home & on the Road with Studio 300’s very own Jeffrey Fisher. And Harlan runs a web store, Voice-Over Essentials, featuring audio gear specifically for voice work. Visit his website here.5f24683

Harlan and his wife Lesley live in Illinois with two shelter dogs and one horse. He’s an avid sailor, motorcyclist, and magician, too.

Join us on 2/27 at 7p and learn all about Harlan’s voice-over career and more. Fountaindale Library cardholders can register for the event at Fountaindale.org or by calling Studio 300 at 630-685-4260.

Also, Harlan is the voice of this new US Army advertisement. Listen here: