Protecting your gear – It’s No Accident!

pelicancase1Recently a Pelican case containing a Canon T4i DSLR camera kit left Studio 300 in near-perfect condition. It came back bruised and battered after having been in car accident-actually ejected from the vehicle! Fortunately our patron is fine, but our beloved camera equipment took quite a ride.

pelicancase2To our collective amazement, the equipment appeared to be completely intact!  After fully testing it, we confirmed that nothing inside the case was damaged in any way!  And other than the superficial road-rash, the Pelican Case took the beating like a champ and was found to be in good working order.  Click the photos to see the damage. (These photos were actually taken using the T4i camera in question.)

It may seem like an expensive addition to the cost of already fairly expensive equipment, but adding a solid case will really protect your investment and perhaps save a disaster!