Winterfest 2019 Karaoke

Once again Studio 300 hosted a lively program of karaoke at this year’s Bolingbrook Park District’s Winterfest 2019. Performances ranged from old standards to new favorites and everything in-between. All the videos are available on our YouTube channel in four parts by order of performance.

Click to visit the videos: Part OnePart TwoPart Three and Part Four.

Want to know how to share only part of a longer video? Read this article.

Green Screen Vacations

gsvacCheck out all the exciting vacation spots(*) visited by our patrons:

* O.K. they didn’t actually travel beyond the temporary home of Studio 300 in Bolingbrook and our green screen. But they look convincing nonetheless.

Using a green screen background, a still camera, and Adobe Photoshop, it’s a snap to create a picture that appears as if you are in a different place. Do you want to learn how to do this? Ask the Studio 300 staff and we’ll show you the techniques.

Ice Cream Social Green Screen Pictures

9454905126_459d6034e6Were you one of our patrons who stepped up to the Studio 300 green screen and had your picture taken? Now you can download the finished versions from the Studio 300 Flickr account. Go here: and find your picture. Download the photo and share with friends, family, and more.

Couldn’t get away this summer? Don’t forget our Green Screen Vacations program this Saturday, August 10 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Dress in vacation clothing and we’ll snap your picture and put your face anywhere in the world. Registration not necessary, just drop in.

Mango Languages video

To help promote the Mango Languages database at Fountaindale Public Library, Studio 300 helped produce this short video. The video used the Tricaster television system, Panasonic video cameras, iMovie, GarageBand, and other equipment available to patrons. With a little help from staff, the final video came together quickly. Check it out below:

Need to do a quick video project? Studio 300 can help by providing the tools and the training you need to get started.

DIY greenscreen

GSMEStudio 300 has green screen technology for building convincing video composites (see this article). Thinking of making your own green screen at home? It’s not too difficult! Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Paint a wall, foam core, or the back of vinyl flooring using a chroma-key green paint.  Your local hardware store may be able to match the color, too.
  • Buy rolled green paper from art supply stores and tape it to the wall
  • Create a backdrop using green cloth and hang from the ceiling using rope or wire that you can run through the tube and loop around curtain hangers
  • Buy a portable green screen that is green on one side and blue on the other (we have this screen in Studio 300. Visit us to check it out).

For more information check out this book at the Fountaindale Public Library: Greenscreen Made Easy

First digital discovery

First Digital ProjectStudio 300 has been open for just a few days and already Fountaindale patrons are creating and sharing their digital media projects. Using their own iPad and the green screen in the Studio 300 ‘A’ suite, ThebyDesigNetwork created and edited this video entirely in Studio 300. This video becomes the first fully completed project made in the library’s new space.

Check it out below:

Now it’s your turn. What are you going to make in Studio 300?

Green screen adventures

Sometimes a video story calls for visiting another location. But that may not always be a possibility because of time and budget.

There is a technique using a green screen* that can make it appear you are in a different place. This method, called chroma-key, is the mainstay of weather forecasters everywhere. Essentially, you replace the green background with another image or video and that makes it appear you are in front of a map or in an entirely different location.

The process goes something like this:

  • Videotape the person in front of a well-lit green background.Green
  • Import the video into your favorite editing program, such as Adobe Premiere.
  • You also need to have the background image or video you want to use in the computer, too.Sunset
  • Using the tools in the video editing program, you replace the green with the background and then it looks as if the person is no longer in the studio, but at another location entirely.Comp
  • Adding a suitable sound effect from the location can help complete the illusion.

Studio 300 has two video studios, each equipped with a green screen, and the video hardware and software you need to make this illusion work for your projects.

* Why green? Actually you can use any solid color for this technique. Without getting too technical, green is the best choice because it isn’t a flesh tone and today’s video technology is more sensitive to the color green and that makes it easier to replace it with something else.