300 in 300 – 001

Join us for the first episode of our new podcast: 300 Seconds in Studio 300. In under 5 minutes, Jeffrey and Ryan discuss what’s new in Studio 300. They talk about software updates, new software additions, and new hardware arriving soon for our patrons to use. Got five minutes? Give this podcast a listen and discover all that’s happening at Studio 300.

Your comic life

Looking for a unique way to deliver information? How about using comics? Comic Life is easy-to-use software that is now available in Studio 300. You can, of course, use it to make comics and comic books. However, it’s real power is using the comic format to tell other stories.

You can even create flyers, scrapbook pages, how-to instructions, and so much more. The software includes a lot of tools to help you get the look you want and deliver your message effectively.

Whether you want to promote something, share some pictures, explain a complicated subject, or just have some fun, you might want to consider this fresh approach. Here are some additional inspirational ideas for using comics.

Check out these examples:


This fall Studio 300 will offer classes for both teens and adults on using comics to tell your own stories.

Studio 300 at C2E2


Adriana and Laura from Studio 300 visited Chicago’s Comic Con, C2E2, for Professional Day. C2E2 hosted a variety of artists, writers, and developers from all over the world.

From Laura and Adriana: “There was so much to see and explore that one day was just not enough. We were able to speak to many of the artists who were only too happy to answer all our geeky questions. It is wonderful to see the support that the fans of comics bring to C2E2 and make the experience even more enjoyable. The level of detail and care put into creating some of the cosplay costumes we saw was incredible!”

Here are some of the exciting moments they experienced!