Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, week one

Destiny 2_20191002235455.mp4.00_03_29_14.Still002Destiny 2 just launched its latest expansion Shadowkeep on October 1, 2019. One week later, here’s my perspective. Having played D1 since its launch, I’m not new to the game. For the past five years, I have played through each and every expansion, the good, bad, and horrid grinds. Destiny 2 is now entering into its third year, and after the split from Activision early this year, fans of the game were very interested to see what Bungie would do specifically with Shadowkeep — its first solo expansion. Bungie’s decision to make Destiny 2 free to play up to Shadowkeep, as well as the cross save functions, was also a decision that would impact playability of this franchise. But is it everything we hoped and dreamed?

On first impression the campaign is not what I expected, though I still found myself engaged from beginning to end. I would have liked a stronger narrative like Forsaken or Taken King but I was not displeased. I do hope that the path we are seeing will bring us to new places and, dare I say?, even encounter new enemies. Bungie has a long history of recycling enemies, maps, and even missions. The stroll through memory lane as you explore the Moon which has now become infested with nightmares is not altogether disappointing. There are definitely some fun activities and challenges you face through the campaign as well as in open world. It is my hope that we do not find ourselves mired on the Moon for too long. Continue reading