Doctor Who Celebration

Here is a brief look (and listen) to some of the fun activities from this past weekend’s Doctor Who Celebration.

Listen to this mix of the many patrons who had their voices transformed into sounding like a Dalek.

Also, make sure you look at the many “Where in the Universe?” pictures taken using the Studio 300 green screen technology. You can find them at our Flickr account by following this link.

A hearty THANK YOU to all for making this a fantastic day for our patrons and community!

Doctor Who Preview

During this Saturday’s (11/9/2013) Doctor Who celebration, Studio 300DalekEye will be on hand to help make the event more fun and memorable for you.

Get your photo taken against our green screen and you’ll magically appear in a Doctor Who setting at our “Where in the Universe” booth.

Or if you prefer, see yourself as a Dalek would see you in our “Exterminate! Dalek Invasion Photo Shoot” instead. (And don’t worry, Ryan’s OK).

And at another booth, step up to the microphone and you can hear what it’s like to “Sound Like a Dalek” as in this example:

We hope to see you at the celebration on Saturday.