Popcorn Diaries 006

In this sixth episode of Popcorn Diaries, Joe and Adriana reveal their number one pick for the Family Classic Movie countdown. Join them in their continuing discussion about their favorite movies in the Family Classic genre. Joe and Adriana do love their movies but they each have their own tastes. Check out the video below to see which movies made number one on their lists.

Listen closely at the end for a special announcement of what’s coming up next for Popcorn Diaries.

Popcorn Diaries Episode 005

In this special episode of Popcorn Diaries Adriana and Joe cover not only movie 3 but also movie 2, of their Family Classic Movie Countdown. Listen in as they reveal their most loved films in this category and all the reasons why these movies made it onto their Top Five. As always if you would like to continue the discussion please use the comments below.

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Popcorn Diaries 004

In this episode Adriana and Joe continue the Classic Family Movie countdown with movie number 4. Listen as they break down each film and talk about what they like, love, or disagree on. As always we welcome your comments or suggestions on future  movies you would like them to discuss.

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