Film Clubs: June 2019

Think book club, but with movies instead. And that describes our two newest clubs for film fans. The next meeting is June 25th where we will review two very different spy films.


Film Club meets June 25, at 6:30 p.m., to take a close look at Page Eight (2011), available on DVD and Hoopla.

Johnny Worricker is a long-serving M15 officer. His boss and best friend Benedict Baron dies suddenly, leaving behind him an inexplicable file, threatening the stability of the organization. Page Eight is a contemporary spy film, which addresses intelligence issues and moral dilemmas peculiar to the new century.

The Classic Reels club will meets Jun 25, but at 7:30 p.m. instead to take a closer look at this classic spy movie: 3 Days of the Condor (1975), available on Kanopy and DVD.

3 days

In Sydney Pollack’s critically acclaimed suspense-thriller, Robert Redford stars as CIA Agent Joe Turner. Code name: Condor. When his entire office is massacred, Turner goes on the run from his enemies…and his so-called allies. After reporting the murders to his superiors, the organization wants to bring Condor in – but somebody is trying to take him out. In his frantic hunt for answers, and in a desperate run for his life, Turner abducts photographer Faye Dunaway, eventually seducing her into helping him. Every twist leads Condor to the end of his nerves…and will take you to the edge of your seat.

Watch the films on your own, then join us for snacks and a breakdown discussion about the films. (Both are available in multiple formats with your library card.)