Filmmaking Camp 2017

Here are the projects made by our Tween and Teen patrons during Fountaindale Public Library and Studio 300’s Summer 2017 Filmmaking Camp. The youths came up with these ideas, wrote scripts, drew storyboards, selected props and sets, videotaped themselves, and the edited the final projects — including making posters. Enjoy!

Green Screen Photography

Ever wonder about green screen photography? Taking a portrait against a green screen allows removing the green background and replacing it with another image. During Winterfest Studio 300 took over 200 green screen pictures, and you can see the images here. Now you can learn to do this yourself. Here are some secrets to creating amazing green screen composite images!

In our video studios we have a green screen curtain already in place so set up for that is simple. We also have some overhead Lowel lights already in place which light the green screen from above. We added four additional Lowel caselite 2 fixtures, to provide smooth, even light for our patrons. We set two Lowels about 5 feet high and two at about 3 feet high directed at our target center. One great tip when taking green screen photo or video is to have your subject or talent be at least their height in front of the green screen, this minimizes the shadows cast by your subject.

We used the Canon T4i DSLR camera to take our shots. We used a 15ft Tether Pro cable, in conjunction with Adobe Lightroom 5 software to directly import the images and be able to work on them in Photoshop CC. Tether photography works great, you can view the images on your computer as soon as they are taken. There is a slight delay in the import process but it works great. Viewing these images on the iMac allowed us to quickly check that we took the best possible image.

Photography is an important part of our lives, we take images of moments we want to preserve. Green screen allows us to take images further into the artistic realm of limitless possibility. Having a great green screen image and using software such as Photoshop or Gimp (both available in Studio 300) allow you to use your imagination and creativity to create amazing composite images. We’ll save the process of finishing the green screen composite for another blog post.

Studio 300 Winterfest Programs

Studio 300 will host two Winterfest programs on Saturday, February 8:

Taking Better Winter Photos

  • Winter photography presents its own unique challenges. Learn specific tips and techniques to get the best results. We recommend you bring your own still camera to this class. We will be shooting outside, so prepare accordingly. Sign up here.

Freeze Frame Photo Booth

  • Drop-in to Studio 300 to have your picture taken with the background of your choice. We’ll use green screen technology to put you (and your friends and family) in unique locations — all from inside Studio 300. This is a drop-in program, just stop by Studio 300 in the library’s lower level anytime between 10am and 2pm during Winterfest.

Embrace the winter weather at Winterfest on Saturday, February 8! The event is from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and it’s FREE for the whole family! The Bolingbrook Park District and Fountaindale Public Library have teamed up to present a great mix of indoor/outdoor activities. Enjoy activities like snowshoeing, ice skating, crafts, face painting, a photo booth, and much more. See more details here.

Doctor Who Celebration

Here is a brief look (and listen) to some of the fun activities from this past weekend’s Doctor Who Celebration.

Listen to this mix of the many patrons who had their voices transformed into sounding like a Dalek.

Also, make sure you look at the many “Where in the Universe?” pictures taken using the Studio 300 green screen technology. You can find them at our Flickr account by following this link.

A hearty THANK YOU to all for making this a fantastic day for our patrons and community!

Doctor Who Preview

During this Saturday’s (11/9/2013) Doctor Who celebration, Studio 300DalekEye will be on hand to help make the event more fun and memorable for you.

Get your photo taken against our green screen and you’ll magically appear in a Doctor Who setting at our “Where in the Universe” booth.

Or if you prefer, see yourself as a Dalek would see you in our “Exterminate! Dalek Invasion Photo Shoot” instead. (And don’t worry, Ryan’s OK).

And at another booth, step up to the microphone and you can hear what it’s like to “Sound Like a Dalek” as in this example:

We hope to see you at the celebration on Saturday.

Green Screen Vacations

gsvacCheck out all the exciting vacation spots(*) visited by our patrons:

* O.K. they didn’t actually travel beyond the temporary home of Studio 300 in Bolingbrook and our green screen. But they look convincing nonetheless.

Using a green screen background, a still camera, and Adobe Photoshop, it’s a snap to create a picture that appears as if you are in a different place. Do you want to learn how to do this? Ask the Studio 300 staff and we’ll show you the techniques.

Ice Cream Social Green Screen Pictures

9454905126_459d6034e6Were you one of our patrons who stepped up to the Studio 300 green screen and had your picture taken? Now you can download the finished versions from the Studio 300 Flickr account. Go here: and find your picture. Download the photo and share with friends, family, and more.

Couldn’t get away this summer? Don’t forget our Green Screen Vacations program this Saturday, August 10 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Dress in vacation clothing and we’ll snap your picture and put your face anywhere in the world. Registration not necessary, just drop in.