Video Utilities

logoDo you have MP4 video that needs to be a Quick Time MOV?  Or do you have video on a SD card that you need made into a DVD? Or do you simply have some video file that won’t play on your computer? Studio 300 can help with our versatile video utility software resources. It’s easy to capture, burn, convert, copy, and share digital video.

  • HandBrake is a tool for converting video to nearly any format using today’s wide variety of video codecs.
  • Toast Titanium is a great tool to convert and burn video projects to DVD.  20110310102457281Take video from almost any source, convert them to other popular formats to use on your iPad, iPhone, HDTV, and more.

Both of these programs are easy to use – just drag and drop.  Advanced users will appreciate the ability to tweak options to improve encodes and burning.  Stop by Studio 300 and will show you how easy it is to use these tools (and many others).

ALM iPhone Lens Kit

IMG_0819 fixedIf you’re looking to improve pictures and video taken with your iPhone, Studio 300 has the ALM Wide Angle / Macro lens kit for both the iPhone 4 & 5.  This kit is very simple to use.  Just pop your iPhone into the lens body, attach either the  wide angle or macro lens, and shoot.

IMG_0818fixedThe wide angle lens produces a picture about 30% wider than normal and the macro lens allow you get within an inch of the lens for super close-ups.  Also included in the kit is an external mic which works great for interviews.

Stop by Studio 300 and we will show you how easy it is to use.  Check out the videos below to see both lenses in action.

iPhone with Wide Angle Lens:

iPhone Macro Lens:

iPhone Olloclip

Olloclip_Olloclip fixed

If you have an iPhone you probably have taken lots of pictures.  The iPhone does take some amazing pictures, but it has two limitations: you can’t get a really wide shot and you can’t get really close.  Olloclip will fix that.

An Olloclip is a cool little lens adapter that fits on your iPhone.  This lens system provides a quick and easy way to capture extremely wide and close up pictures.  The Olloclip simply slips on your iPhone and gives you a choice of either wide or macro pictures capabilities. Studio 300 has the Olloclip system for iPhone 4 and 5.  Stop by Studio 300 and we’ll show you how it works.  Better yet, check it out for three days and try it yourself.

Here’s  some pictures taken with an iPhone 4 using our Olloclip.

iPhone GorillaPod

gorillapod iphoneHaving trouble holding your iPhone?  The GorillaPod for iPhone is the answer.  This unique “tripod” allows you to mount your iPhone just about anywhere.  It’s three legs flex, wrap and grip to just about anything.  It’s really easy to use and will make the world of difference for your pictures or video.  Come to Studio 300 and check it out!

Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone

smoothee-iphone5_BackHandDo you take a lot of movies on your iPhone?  If so, you need to check out the Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone.  The Steadicam will make your videos look silky smooth anywhere you go.  It’s based on the same technology used in Hollywood and on TV.  The Studio 300 version works with iPhone 4, iPod touch, and other video devices (such as a GoPro).  It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to use.  The simple setup allows you to take smooth videos in less than five minutes.  With a little practice you can amaze you friends and family.  Stop by Studio 300 and we’ll show you how easy it is to use.  Meanwhile, check out the video below (without and then with the Smoothee)!



Use your iPhone for videos

Job_yIs it possible to make high-quality videos using only an iPhone? Of course … if you follow a few basic ideas. In this article, you can learn many tips that can make your own iPhone videos better. Some of the equipment mentioned – such as the tripod mount and tripod pictured here – is even available for checkout from Studio 300. Also, the article features a video shot on an iPhone by Studio 300’s own Laura Shields.

Need more help? Or you’re ready to get started? Consider taking our free, iPhone Cinema class on Sunday, April 21. Sign up here.