Learn. It’s good for your brain

Knowledge Word On Laptop Showing Wisdom And LearningA recent study at the University of Texas at Dallas found that learning something new could help combat memory loss and ward off dementia. The study found that learning digital photography and Photoshop were the best new skills to learn. Read more about the study here.

At Studio 300 there are many classes for you to take and learn a new skill. We offer Photoshop classes and adults can take a 3-week photography course this Summer.  There is equipment you can use, too. Visit Studio 300 and discover new ways to keep your mind healthy and active.

After the basics

0781a99e5c7aa5bc45e91f387cab2321So you’ve learned the basics of some software. Now what? There are several avenues to follow so that you can expand your skills. Here at Studio 300 you have access to lynda.com, a video-based training website that can lead you beyond the basics and into more advanced levels. Lynda.com is a paid subscription service, but you can access thousands of its training videos for free from the Studio 300 computers.

Learning in the digital age has become easy and convenient. There is also a wide variety of other learning tutorials online. Most software companies offer their own tutorials. For example, Adobe TV offers tutorials for their entire collection of software (the software you can use in Studio 300). Most developers even have their own YouTube channel. Speaking of YouTube, mixed along with funny cat videos are many other free tutorials from software developers and other industry pros who share their secrets. The classroom can still be the best way to get in depth learning in any field, but having online resources can help you get through challenges when out of the classroom.

Studio 300 offers a large collection of media creation software that you can also use to learn, recreate projects from tutorials, and create original projects of your own. Come see what Studio 300 can offer you by taking our new Discover Studio 300 Macs and Software program where we will share examples of various projects created with our collection of software and hardware. Register today!

Recently, Adriana used a tutorial from a YouTube channel to create a 3d animation in Blender 2.66. By following along, she was able to recreate the animation from the tutorial. See the video below: