Time for Reflection

Reflector-SurfacesHave you ever taken a picture or a video and it came out a bit dark? Here’s a little trick. A light reflector can vastly improve your images.  Reflecting light can reduce shadows and lighten other dark areas. These reflectors come in many different sizes and colors (to help match different lighting conditions and skin tones).  They are very light, fold into a small package, and are far easier to use than hauling a big, heavy light kit around.

reflector with and withoutToo much light coming from behind your subject? See the example picture to the left. Use a white reflector to bounce some sunlight back into your subject and produce a nice soft fill. A gold reflector can provide a warm light fill, too.

Studio 300 has reflectors available for check out.  Stop by and we’ll show you how easy they are to use.

DSLR Light Meter

ImageAll DSLR cameras have internal light meters that attempt to determine the proper exposure setting for a picture.  However, depending on the composition of a shot, the camera’s internal metering system may not be accurate enough.  Using an external handheld light meter, such as the Sekonic 478D, can really make the difference between a good picture and a great one.

The touch screen interface lends itself to an intuitive workflow and the visual layout of the screen is easy to navigate and understand, even for a novice.  Great results can be achieved in a short time.  So take your DLSR pictures to the next level!  Stop by Studio 300 and we’ll show you just how easy the meter is to use.