Learn. It’s good for your brain

Knowledge Word On Laptop Showing Wisdom And LearningA recent study at the University of Texas at Dallas found that learning something new could help combat memory loss and ward off dementia. The study found that learning digital photography and Photoshop were the best new skills to learn. Read more about the study here.

At Studio 300 there are many classes for you to take and learn a new skill. We offer Photoshop classes and adults can take a 3-week photography course this Summer.  There is equipment you can use, too. Visit Studio 300 and discover new ways to keep your mind healthy and active.

Learn 4 Life

250x250Looking for digital media training opportunities? Studio 300 offers free access to Lynda.com with its many training videos ready to help you master new skills. However, if you prefer a more interactive approach to learning, consider Learn 4 Life. (Update 050514: Now called Gale Courses). The site offers a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely online using your Fountaindale Public Library card. Unlike video-only training, the Learn4Life courses are instructor-led running for six weeks. You can interact with the instructor and others taking the same class — that’s more like a real on-line classroom. Best of all you can access the courses from the library and from your home. Check out the many courses available to you right now.

New at Lynda.com

lynda_logo3r-d_144xMake a commitment in 2014 to learn new digital media creation and storytelling tools. Studio 300 can help. We have books, classes, and staff to assist.

You also might consider using Lynda.com (watch the Lynda.com story here). This unique training website teaches the latest software, creative, and business skills through high-quality online instructional videos featuring recognized industry experts.

You can access the vast Lynda.com library free exclusively from Studio 300. Browse the site to see what’s available to help you today. Some new topics just released include:

Get in the Mix with Logic Pro

  • Learn 23 advanced Logic Pro music mixing techniques as two engineers perform actual audio adjustments inside Logic. This includes files you can download and use inside Logic for hands-on learning.

Teacher Tips

  • Shows you how to stay up to date with the latest educational technology and classroom management techniques.

Creative DSLR Video Techniques

  • Focuses on the video capabilities of DSLR cameras. (There are videos available about DSLR photography, too.)

Business skills

  • Explore a wide range of business skills for developing your career,


img_screenflowYou may have watched a video tutorial, such as those on Lynda.com, or other software and computer related training seminars.  How do you capture what’s on the screen and share it with others? Here at Studio 300 you can use software called Screenflow to make a screencast. The program captures whatever is on your screen and is ideal for many training and product/service promotional situations. You can even add webcam footage to the screencast, too.

Some people even use the screencast software to show video game play. Now you know how all those Minecraft YouTube videos are made. If you need to share a screen with other people, visit Studio 300 and learn about Screenflow.