Out with good, in with the AWESOME!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes at Studio 300 working to improve your experience in every way possible. And now we are happy to report that we finished updating all of the iMac computers in the lab with new, improved, and upgraded software. Here’s a brief overview:


  • We installed the (huge!) 2017 update to our entire Adobe Creative Cloud collection including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and more.
  • There are fresh updates to our most popular Mac programs, too, including Keynote, Pages, GarageBand, and, of course, Logic X!

New software:

Stop by Studio 300 and experience these new software updates.

(Note: this upgrade applies only to our iMacs at this time (November 15, 2017). The MacBook Pro laptops are still in the upgrade process. Stay tuned.)

New iMovie 10 in Studio 300

iMovie 10 is even better than its predecessor and Studio 300 will have it soon. One improvement is the import process.  Selecting the clips you want is easier and you can import audio, pictures, and video at the same time without waiting for all the files to import before you can start working.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.23.02 PM

The horizontal timeline makes it easier to drag clips on top of another clip for layering or green screen work.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.05.22 PM

There’s an Adjust Bar located above the Viewer for quickly making changes to your clips.  These icons light up so you can tell if it was adjusted or not.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.06.05 PM

Also, there’s an iMovie Theater for saving your finished movies to your personal iCloud account and can watch them on your Mac or iOS device.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.18.36 PM

This iMovie update arrives soon in Studio 300. Stay tuned.

300 in 300 – 001

Join us for the first episode of our new podcast: 300 Seconds in Studio 300. In under 5 minutes, Jeffrey and Ryan discuss what’s new in Studio 300. They talk about software updates, new software additions, and new hardware arriving soon for our patrons to use. Got five minutes? Give this podcast a listen and discover all that’s happening at Studio 300.

Software updates soon

smallmacAll of the Studio 300 iMac desktop and MacBook Pro laptop computers will soon see major updates to our most popular software programs. There will also be some new additions to expand the creative potential of our patrons (some based on your recommendations).

Updates include:

  • The Mac OS
  • The latest Adobe CC updates (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and many more)
  • iLife and iWork updates (iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, etc.)
  • Logic Pro X (the latest audio/music workstation from Apple)
  • Comic Life 3 (this fun program gets even more powerful features)

New software includes:

We’re happy to show you these exciting changes as they become available in the next few weeks.

Mac vs. PC

appleStudio 300 has 18 27-inch iMac computers eight of which have dual monitors.  Macs may seem like the opposite of PCs but there are only minor differences between Macs and PCs.  Let’s compare Mac OS X which is what we have in Studio 300 with computers running Windows.  Although PCs can mean any personal computer, in this instance we’re going to be using the term PC to  mean Windows.

There is no way of really knowing how many people are using Windows operating system over a Macs due to the availability of running Windows on a Mac computer and the growing popularity in Hackintosh which lets you download Mac software on your PC. That said the sales of Windows is still way above the sales of Macs at 78% according to data from Asymco making security attacks and viruses more prone on a PC.

If you play online video games, you’ll know that on Steam there are a lot more games for PC (at over 1,300 games) while there are only about 200 for a Mac.

The most obvious difference between a Mac and a PC is the price.  Where most Mac computers are over $1,000 you can get a PC for under that much.  The reasoning behind the price for Macs are due to the high gross profit margin, the quality in parts, and that everything is custom made making for a more effective customer support system.  When a problem does arise, only having to go to one Genius Bar and getting face-to-face assistance as opposed to possibly calling multiple oversees companies just to figure out the underlying problem is a big reason for customer satisfaction.  But there are smaller differences that can also enhance your experience.

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 4.56.17 PM

On Macs there is a dock that holds your favorite apps.  If you minimize a screen, it goes to the dock and if there are other apps open, a small light is displayed underneath that app on the dock.  You can decide how many and what app icons go on your dock and you can have it disappear for a larger viewing experience.

The keyboard is a little different on a Mac too.  The most common keyboard shortcuts on a PC use Ctrl plus another key but on a Mac the command key is used instead of the control key.  The PrintScrn key is non-existent on a Mac keyboard.  That shortcut is shift+command+4 which then changes the cursor to a cross-hair.  You can then click and drag anywhere on the screen to take a screen shot.  There are other keyboard and folder navigating differences that we can show you in Studio 300.

The software iMovie, Garageband, iPhoto and Photobooth are other great aspects of the iMacs in Studio 300 that you may not necessarily find on a PC .

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use a Mac or any of the software listed above, sign up for a class in Studio 300.

What’s the best web browser for you?

Firefox? Chrome? Safari?

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.34.03 AMThese top web browsers are all fairly similar in style and ease of use as well as speed.  You may not be able to see the difference just by looking at their home page, but there are little things that may help you decide which one is right for you.

firefox_logo-only_RGBFirefox: This browser seems to be the at the top of the list due to its extensive list of add-ons (extensions, plug-ins, little apps that make using Firefox so much better, etc) and the improvements made by the open source community who use it everyday.  Because of these add-ons, it can slow down your page uploads if you’re running too many apps at a time.

Google-Chrome-LogoChrome:  Google’s Chrome works best with Google+ and all things Google.  One aspect of Chrome is its simplistic look.  The size of the toolbar is less intrusive and that gives you more space for a better web browsing experience.

safariSafari:  The fastest of the three, and an Apple product with tabs that fill up the width of the toolbar.  If you have multiple tabs open, scrolling through them is so cool and fun — similar to scrolling on an iPad or iPhone.  Reader is a great way to read articles in Safari without the interruption of ads or other side bars that can get distracting.

These were only a few differences listed here but testing them out is the best way to figure out your preference.  You can test all three in Studio 300.

Screen Capture in Studio 300

ELgatoThinking of creating a tutorial or a gameplay video? Studio 300 has what you need to get started. Screenflow is professional software that allows you to capture your computer screen including audio. You can even connect a microphone and capture what you say, too. Then you can export what you capture and edit these files in any video editing software, such as iMovie. We also have a device that allows you to plug in any analog device (such as an older camcorder or gaming system) and digitize its output for further computer-based editing and finishing.

Here’s an example video captured with Screenflow:

If you are interested in pursuing this area further, stop by Studio 300 and chat. We’re happy to get you started on your next project.

Teens make more videos

Once again, Studio 300 hosted a Video Production for Teens summer camp. This week-long program was for high school teens in grades 9-12. (For videos made by teens in grades 6-8, click here)

The teens learned about video cameras and editing with hands-on projects. The main project had them produce a short public service announcement. The teens formed groups and conceived, wrote, and drew storyboards of their ideas. Next, they recorded their short video using cameras from Studio 300.

On the final day, they edited their production in Studio 300 and then shared the final projects with the entire group.

The video below shows the result of their hard work.

Teens make videos

Studio 300 recently hosted the first Video Production for Teens summer camp. During the week-long program, the teens in grades 6-8 learned about video cameras and editing.

The main focus was to produce a short public service announcement. The teens formed groups and conceived, wrote, and storyboarded their ideas. Next, they recorded their short video using cameras from Studio 300.

On the final day, they edited their production in Studio 300 and then shared the final projects with the entire group.

The video below is the result of their hard work.

How to make a succesful YouTube video

youtube_logo_small_webreadyBecause it’s quick, simple and has the potential to reach millions of viewers, it often seems that everyone has a YouTube video. But did you know that it’s possible to earn money from your video through Google’s AdSense?

More than 1 billion users visit YouTube each month and about a million users create videos that earn money.  Around 15,000 YouTube partners make enough money to call it their day job. Reportedly, some  earn over 6 figures.

AdSense is YouTube’s way of paying you for all those ads that play before your video starts.  For every click and view, you get a percentage. It may not be a large amount, but it can add up quickly.

How to get started

YouTube is really another social network that ties in with Google’s search engine and Google+.  Check out the Studio 300 YouTube Channel here. If you don’t have a YouTube account, it’s easy to sign up. Once you sign up, you should create your own YouTube channel. Next, follow this link for information about signing up with GooleAdSense. One important requirement of using Google AdSense in this way is you must be 18 or older and have a bank account that they can deposit your earning into to via PayPal.

The next step is the hardest: Make a video that is interesting and topical. Many users surf YouTube and search for subjects they find interesting such as bacon (yes, bacon!), crazy sports injuries, cats, music videos, movie trailers and reviews, current news, commercials – it runs the gamut as you can imagine. You will be more successful if you make videos that appeal to you. How-to’s are a fine way to begin. For example, if you make  jewelry, you can show a how-to video of how you make your creations. Consider staying topical by targeting a time of the year such as summer, Halloween, or the Oscars.

Keep the video short, if possible.  Google reports that viewership falls off drastically after about  2 minutes. And even if you can keep it interesting for longer, it’s probably not a good idea to go past 6-8 minutes. A series of shorter videos could potentially be more successful than one long one. This way you get people wanting more. Remember if you don’t get views, you won’t earn any money.  Usually the more videos you make, the potential to reach more people increases.

Titles, tags, and the descriptions are extremely important.  Make sure to give your video a title that matches what your video is about but also something that incorporates terms that people might enter when they search. Consider using the annotations to link to your website or another of your YouTube videos. Don’t put credits in the end over black because many people ignore them anyway.  If you feel it’s important to have any words in the video incorporate them into the video itself.

Studio 300 Resources

Studio 300 has equipment, such as the HX-WA2 Panasonic Personal Camcorder, that you can use to make your video. You can then use the Studio 300 iMacs running either iMovie or Premiere Pro software to edit your video and post it to YouTube. And Studio 300 staff can provide tips and point you to other resources you can use to make your video better.

Make sure to give Studio 300 a shout out when your  video goes viral!