300 in 300 – 004

Join us for the latest 300 Seconds in Studio 300 podcast where we discuss what’s new in the Fountaindale Public Library media creation space. Jeffrey sits down with three Studio 300 staff members – Adriana, Anna, and Ryan – to talk about upcoming April 2015 programs including the Foto Forum photography club. Got five minutes? Give this podcast a listen!

Digital Learning Day

Learn Blocks On Computer Screen Showing Online Kids EducationJoin us on Wednesday, February 4th for Digital Learning Day in Studio 300. Gain new skills or enhance those skills you already have. We are hosting several classes during that day. Click the links below for more information and to register. You can also call (630) 685-4260 to register. (Spaces are limited and classes do fill).

Also, all of these classes qualify for our on-going Passport to Success Program.


Photoshop Club

photoIn late Summer we launched a new, ongoing Club Photoshop for our patrons. The club is for Photoshop enthusiasts at all skill levels — novice to advanced — who want to learn new techniques. Each month we demonstrate a project, provide instructions and project files, and then guide you through completing the project. Every month is different so there will always be something new to learn.

Upcoming projects for the Photoshop Club in 2015 include:

  • Photoshop Diet
  • 3D Techniques
  • Animation
  • Advanced Masking
  • And more …

Photoshop Club meets the last Wednesday of each month in 2015: 1/28, 2/25, and 3/25. You can sign-up 21 days in advance.

Gift making in Studio 300

christmas-tree-1_green-021114-ykwv1Surprise your family and friends with one-of-a-kind gifts that you create in Studio 300. Here are some ideas:

  • Retouch an old family photo and share digital files or print on photo paper using our high-quality printer (you can even make a poster!)
  • Take a family portrait.
  • Find a pre-built model on Thingiverse and print it using our 3D printer (or create your own unique design and print that).
  • Record your family singing holiday songs or just a special message and then make a CD.
  • Convert that old VHS tape to DVD and share copies with others.
  • And more.

These all make heartfelt gifts and are easy and inexpensive. For more ideas and to get started on your project, stop by Studio 300 today.

Photoshop Club

photoshop_logo_wallpaper_by_peterbaumann-d6c88bwThis August Studio 300 will host Club Photoshop.  This on-going club is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced Photoshop users. The first project will be a poster using multiple images, brushes and shapes, and includes Photoshop tools such as masking, typography, and basic compositing.

Club Photoshop is for you to explore techniques beyond our regular Photoshop classes and an opportunity for you to work with and learn from other Photoshop users. Future projects will include photo editing, HDR photos, digital illustration, and so much more. Your suggestions are also encouraged.

Club Photoshop meets the last Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. starting on August 27. Seats are limited so sign up today.

Tweens & Teens Photography

This week Studio 300 hosted two Photography Summer Camps for Tween and Teen patrons. They learned tips and techniques for taking better photos and manipulating them using Adobe Photoshop. They took photos outside, portraits inside, and product shots using the Studio 300 photo tent. Below are just a few  examples. See more of their work on our Flickr page by following this link.

Learn. It’s good for your brain

Knowledge Word On Laptop Showing Wisdom And LearningA recent study at the University of Texas at Dallas found that learning something new could help combat memory loss and ward off dementia. The study found that learning digital photography and Photoshop were the best new skills to learn. Read more about the study here.

At Studio 300 there are many classes for you to take and learn a new skill. We offer Photoshop classes and adults can take a 3-week photography course this Summer.  There is equipment you can use, too. Visit Studio 300 and discover new ways to keep your mind healthy and active.

Painting with Photoshop

wacomWant to learn how to use the Wacom drawing tablet to paint on the computer? This April and May we are offering Photoshop 103 – Digital Painting. You will learn how the brush tool works, how to create your own brushes, how to upload free brushes, and how to use the Wacom drawing tablets. Use these skills for digital illustration, to create dynamic photos, and for scrapbooks.

Sign up here.


Green Screen Photography

Ever wonder about green screen photography? Taking a portrait against a green screen allows removing the green background and replacing it with another image. During Winterfest Studio 300 took over 200 green screen pictures, and you can see the images here. Now you can learn to do this yourself. Here are some secrets to creating amazing green screen composite images!

In our video studios we have a green screen curtain already in place so set up for that is simple. We also have some overhead Lowel lights already in place which light the green screen from above. We added four additional Lowel caselite 2 fixtures, to provide smooth, even light for our patrons. We set two Lowels about 5 feet high and two at about 3 feet high directed at our target center. One great tip when taking green screen photo or video is to have your subject or talent be at least their height in front of the green screen, this minimizes the shadows cast by your subject.

We used the Canon T4i DSLR camera to take our shots. We used a 15ft Tether Pro cable, in conjunction with Adobe Lightroom 5 software to directly import the images and be able to work on them in Photoshop CC. Tether photography works great, you can view the images on your computer as soon as they are taken. There is a slight delay in the import process but it works great. Viewing these images on the iMac allowed us to quickly check that we took the best possible image.

Photography is an important part of our lives, we take images of moments we want to preserve. Green screen allows us to take images further into the artistic realm of limitless possibility. Having a great green screen image and using software such as Photoshop or Gimp (both available in Studio 300) allow you to use your imagination and creativity to create amazing composite images. We’ll save the process of finishing the green screen composite for another blog post.