Stock images and graphics available

GraphicStocklogoNeed to enhance your digital media work? Studio 300 now gives you access to thousands of non-exclusive stock images and graphics … FREE! Our partnership with gives you access to:

  • Backgrounds
  • Icons
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Templates
  • and more

Click here to go to the GraphicStock site and browse what’s available. Find what you need and then let the Studio 300 staff know and we’ll download your selections for use in your projects.

Need video footage and music instead? We also partner with


Samples of stock media available for Studio 300 patrons.

External Flash for DSLR

ImageHave you ever taken disappointing flash pictures with your DSLR?  Chances are it’s the internal flash that is causing the problem.  While the internal flash can do a good job, it does have limitations.  If you want to take your flash photography to the next level, try using an external flash.

External flashes simply mount on top of the camera.  They can be set to fully automatic or manual mode.  Like your DSLR, when set to manual, you can control all its settings to achieve some amazing results.

Studio 300 has the Canon Speedflash 430EX II which can be used on the Canon Ti series cameras.  (We also have a T4i camera). Stop by Studio 300 and we’ll show you how easy it is to use.  Check out the pictures below.  Notice the difference in color and shadowing in these raw, untouched examples.


Internal Flash


External Flash

Canon 55-250mm Telephoto Lens

55-250 When taking a picture, you often need to zoom in on distant subjects. A telephoto lens is the solution.  Most DSLR cameras come with a stock lens of 18-55mm.  While this lens is great for wide angle shots, it falls far short as a telephoto lens.

Studio 300 now has a Canon 55-250mm Telephoto Lens for our Canon T4i (and other) DSLR cameras. This item can be checked out for 3-days.

Picking up where the stock lens ends, this telephoto lens has a range of 55mm to 250mm.  At 250mm, distant subjects can be easily pulled in and captured.  The lens has both Auto Focus and Image Stabilization like the stock lens, and it’s easy to capture sharply focused shots without a tripod.  If you’re curious what a telephoto lens can do for you, stop by Studio300 and we’ll show you how easy it is to use.  Meanwhile, check out the two shots below.


55mm setting


250mm setting

Is That Really What I Think It Is?


Click image for a full-size view.

Seeing is believing.  A few weeks ago we captured a great sunset from Studio 300.  Look closely and you’ll see there was more in the sky that evening than pretty colors.  This picture is real.  The object is really there.  No Photoshop or other special effects trickery.  So what is it?  Can you trust your eyes?  Is that really what you think it is?

In a future blog, we’ll reveal the truth behind the mysterious object in the sky.  Until then, feel free to guess what it is.  Better yet, stop by Studio 300 and we’ll show you the truth.

Panoramic Pictures

A2400Panoramic pictures are fun and easy to take.  With a little practice, you can get spectacular results.  Best of all, you don’t need any special equipment:  just a camera, tripod, and your imagination.  Here are a few tips on taking panoramic pictures:

  • Use the camera’s panoramic setting (if it has it)
  • Use a tripod
  • Overlap pictures 50% for the best results
  • Try to shoot with the sun behind you
  • Shoot at least 4 to 5 pictures

Once you shoot those 4 to 5 pictures, they will need to be “stitched” together using special software.  Most cameras come with stitching software or it can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site.  The software is easy to use; just a few clicks and you’re done.

These pictures were created using the Canon A2400, available for 3-day checkout from Studio 300. The second image is the “stitched” together, single panoramic photo.



Behind Fountaindale Library

Panoramic shots are great for indoors too.  Here’s the temporary Studio 300 home with individual pictures followed by the completed panoramic version.



Studio 300

Beyond video with the GoPro

ImageThe GoPro is a great video camera for catching all the action of extreme sports.  But did you know that the GoPro takes great still shots too?

The little camera can do 11 megapixel images using its unique 170 degree field of view (no point-and-shoot camera can match that wide angle perspective.) Click the picture below to see this in action.


Fountaindale Library using GoPro camera in still camera mode

There is also a burst mode that can take 10 still pictures a second to capture fast moving action.


GoPro on the Beach

But wait, there’s more!  In time-lapse mode, the GoPro will take a still picture every 0.5  to 60 seconds, turning hours into seconds when viewed as a video.

Interested in learning more about the GoPro? Stop into Studio 300 and we’ll show you. Or consider taking one of our upcoming classes about this unique camera.

Three Clicks to Perfection

Do you have some old pictures that have faded with time and wish they could look new again?  Bring them to Studio 300 and we will show you how to restore those memories using the Epson V600 scanner.  No need to use complicated software like Photoshop.  With just 3 clicks of the mouse using Epson’s scanning software, old pictures come back to life.  It’s easy and fun!  Here’s an example of before and after.


Before example


After “three clicks fix” example

If your pictures need more extensive fixing (scratches, tears, and other damage), consider taking one of our Photoshop classes. But you may be surprised how just a little effort when scanning can yield miraculous results, too.