Protecting your gear – It’s No Accident!

pelicancase1Recently a Pelican case containing a Canon T4i DSLR camera kit left Studio 300 in near-perfect condition. It came back bruised and battered after having been in car accident-actually ejected from the vehicle! Fortunately our patron is fine, but our beloved camera equipment took quite a ride.

pelicancase2To our collective amazement, the equipment appeared to be completely intact!  After fully testing it, we confirmed that nothing inside the case was damaged in any way!  And other than the superficial road-rash, the Pelican Case took the beating like a champ and was found to be in good working order.  Click the photos to see the damage. (These photos were actually taken using the T4i camera in question.)

It may seem like an expensive addition to the cost of already fairly expensive equipment, but adding a solid case will really protect your investment and perhaps save a disaster!

Protecting Tech Devices in Extreme Heat

30554_PhotoIt’s 95 degrees out (but it feels much hotter). The sun beats down without a cloud in sight. Taking care of yourself during these dog days of summer is hard enough. You also need to protect your electronic equipment, including items you checkout from Studio 300. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to protecting electronic gadgets from extreme weather conditions.

In hot weather, keep electronics in the shade at all times. That doesn’t include the trunk or glove compartment of your car — both of those spaces can get really hot! Consider using a cooling fan for laptops even if you normally don’t use one.  Keep an umbrella handy to keep equipment safe from the rain and sun.  If the equipment gets too hot, don’t stick it in a fridge or freezer.  Electronics need to be cooled down gradually so simply taking it into an air conditioned room for a few minutes will do the trick.

Many electronics have plastic films to keep sand from getting into the crevices and cases to protect them from water.  Products from DryCASE and OtterBox are air tight zip lock bags ideal for tablets, phones, and headphones. You might want to save those silica gel packets you get in shoe boxes and with other gear — they absorb moisture and are perfect for keeping your electronic drier on high humidity days.

goproWe have the GoPro Hero 2 available in Studio 300 which can use a waterproof case — perfect for that jet ski ride. The camera can heat up quickly just like any other gear, so follow the above tips, too.