Stop-motion ZOMBIES!

Studio 300 was invaded by Zombies! Stop-motion Zombies that is. Check out the video below from the Fountaindale Public Library Studio 300 Stop Motion Animation program created by patrons in grades 9-12.

This is just one of the many other stop motion projects that patrons of all ages have created. Through the animation classes, patrons of all ages learn the history, and technique using our equipment to create their own unique stop motion projects. We have seen patrons create fun and entertaining projects ranging from zombies to a sun-eating-alligator. Here are some more stop motion projects that younger age groups have created over the summer.

New to Studio 300?

ravingredWhen the Studio 300 staff reflects on what helps make Studio 300 such an exciting place to work, it’s generally our being able to watch (and assist) patrons of all ages use the equipment and software to complete their own projects.  Every day brings new challenges and memorable results whether patrons are recording music, editing photos, or even making stop-motion animation. If you ever wanted to learn more about digital media creation (photo restoration, audio recording, editing etc.) we offer many classes for you to learn. Check out the calendar here.

Stop-motion animation is a particular strength for one of our newest staff members, Alex. He’s been interested in animation ever since he was young and saw “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out.” He’s been making animations every since and is currently studying animation at DePaul University, Here’s a recent piece he did for a class. Welcome Alex to the Studio 300 team.

If you’ve not been to Studio 300 yet, we hope to see you here soon!

Stop Motion Saturday

TSMA2013his past weekend launched the first in our program series of Stop Motion Saturdays. This time young patrons in grades 3-5 gathered to learn how to make their own animated video.

Using paper cutouts, a digital video camera, and iStopMotion software, the kids came up with ideas and then animated them. The results are in this video:

We will continue to offer more stop motion programs (and other animation classes) in the days ahead. The classes are designed for specific age groups (even one just for adults). Check the program calendar here for details and to sign-up.



Teen Animation Summer 2013

This week Studio 300 hosted the Animation for Teens Summer Camp. It was four days jam-packed with animation projects.

The teens started with a stop motion animation using themselves as objects. They took many still pictures moving slightly between each picture. After importing the pictures into the computer, the illusion of motion results.

Another stop motion project used paper cutouts. Watch the videos they made from these two projects and see the results for yourself:

Their final project used an animation software program called Stykz. After coming up with an idea and then animating using the software, they added music, sound effects, titles, and more to complete their finished animations. The video below shows the results of their efforts:

More animation classes are planned for the future. Check our calendar for details.