No more shaky video

ImageWe’ve all made this mistake. You grab your camcorder, hold it at arm’s length,  and start shooting.  Later when you watch the video it’s too shaky and looks terrible.  And should you play the video on a big screen TV,  it’s almost unwatchable.

Here are a few tips to avoid having shaky video:

  • Don’t hold the camcorder at arm’s length.  Pull it closer to your body.  Better yet, hold the camcorder against you using your entire body as a stabilizer.  Stand with your legs slightly apart.  Lock your arms against your body, too. This will help reduce body sway.
  • For even better results, follow the above tips and also lean against something like a pole, building, or tree.
  • Set your camcorder on something stable and frame your shot.  Just look around for something that’s not moving, such as a table top, shelf, or other flat surface.
  • Of course the best thing to use is a tripod!  It’s well worth the extra effort to carry around a tripod, especially for special video events such as a wedding, graduation, 1st birthday, or vacation.  Any place that allows camcorders will usually let you bring in a tripod.  Studio 300 has great tripods you can check out for 3-days.  They have fluid heads that produce ultra smooth pan and tilt shots for professional results. And they keep your video super steady.

Do your best to keep the camcorder still and your video will look far better and more professional.  Check out the examples in the video below: