DSLR Lens Adaptors

85002318Want to use a Nikon lens on a Canon camera? Or a vintage Minolta lens on an Olympus? You need a lens adapter to re-purpose those lenses to work with today’s DSLR cameras.

IMG_0765 Adapters are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.  They simply mount between the lens and the camera body.  It’s important to note that most lens adapters are purely mechanical. They provide a mechanical interface between the lens and camera. As a result, focus and aperture adjustments must be done manually.

ALM iPhone Lens Kit

IMG_0819 fixedIf you’re looking to improve pictures and video taken with your iPhone, Studio 300 has the ALM Wide Angle / Macro lens kit for both the iPhone 4 & 5.  This kit is very simple to use.  Just pop your iPhone into the lens body, attach either the  wide angle or macro lens, and shoot.

IMG_0818fixedThe wide angle lens produces a picture about 30% wider than normal and the macro lens allow you get within an inch of the lens for super close-ups.  Also included in the kit is an external mic which works great for interviews.

Stop by Studio 300 and we will show you how easy it is to use.  Check out the videos below to see both lenses in action.

iPhone with Wide Angle Lens:

iPhone Macro Lens:

iPhone Olloclip

Olloclip_Olloclip fixed

If you have an iPhone you probably have taken lots of pictures.  The iPhone does take some amazing pictures, but it has two limitations: you can’t get a really wide shot and you can’t get really close.  Olloclip will fix that.

An Olloclip is a cool little lens adapter that fits on your iPhone.  This lens system provides a quick and easy way to capture extremely wide and close up pictures.  The Olloclip simply slips on your iPhone and gives you a choice of either wide or macro pictures capabilities. Studio 300 has the Olloclip system for iPhone 4 and 5.  Stop by Studio 300 and we’ll show you how it works.  Better yet, check it out for three days and try it yourself.

Here’s  some pictures taken with an iPhone 4 using our Olloclip.